Identity Threat Monitoring (ITM)

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According to ACCC, losses to online scams have increased 42 per cent in 2020. We want to remind our clients to be extra diligent when buying gifts last holiday season. It is time to protect your data in a more efficient way.


$29 billion

The total cost of cybercrime in Australia in 2019


cybercrime is reported to the ACSC each day


The average cost of a ransomware attack on a business


reported loss tophone scams

There are many ways in which IT systems can be breached and there are certain methods that can prevent or monitor these threats. These include privileged accounts, weak passwords, accounts listed on the dark web, accounts that are delegated administrators, accounts that share passwords, and accounts with weak encryption methods.

Identity threat services monitor personally identifiable information in credit applications, public records, websites, and other places for any unusual activity that could show signs of an identity threat.

  • Compromised Privileged Account Monitoring
  • Weak Password Monitoring
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Delegated Administrator Monitoring
  • Track 5 Personal accounts
  • AD Accounts with Shared Passwords Monitoring
  • AD Accounts with passwords stored using Weak Encryption
  • Daily Alerting
  • Reporting