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Educate your employees on the latest social engineering techniques, identify high-risk employees and develop a culture that is security aware.

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Social Engineering - The Numbers


Phishing comes in many forms affecting both business revenue and productivity.

According to a 2019 report completed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), 41% of reported scams came in the form of a phone call, followed by email at 24% and text message at 16.7%.

As social engineering rapidly evolves and phishing attacks appear in many forms, we need to empower our employees through constant security awareness training, creating human firewalls and a true defence against cybercrime.


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 email scams

$28.4 million

reported loss to
email scams

phone scams

$32.6 million

reported loss to
phone scams

 text message scams

$3.03 million

reported loss to text message scams

144 Reports Per Day

144 Cases

cybercrime is reported to the ACSC each day

Proactive Social Engineering Training

SAP provides best of breed targeted cybersecurity training to your employees.

The program simulates four types of social engineering attacks, including email (Phishing), phone calls (Vishing), Artificial Intelligence Driven Agent (ADIA) and removable storage drops (such as USB thumb drives).


SAP syncs with your Active Directory Server (AD), ensuring that the program captures all active users in your organisation.

Before we do any phishing simulation, we gather data by running a baseline campaign. This involves a survey and a questionnaire to determine what program is required to get the best results.

Once gathered, we benchmark your organisation against others in the same industry and progress your training program.

Educate your employees on the latest social engineering techniques, identify high-risk employees and develop a culture that is security aware.

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Security Awareness Program (SAP) Features



Training Campaigns

Training Campaigns

Training is ongoing and constant, selected from a library of hundreds of training modules

Phish Alert


An Outlook plug-in giving all employees access to report any suspected Phishing emails.

Project Management

Project Management

We want to ensure that the program runs as smooth as possible so we include project management.

Removable Storage Training

Removable Storage Training

We drop a removable storage device (such as a USB key) in your office and test your employees on how they react when finding an unknown removable storage device. Once plugged in our team is alerted and we report on it.

Phishing Training


This is email-based phishing. Using both custom and a variety of 5000+ templates targeting common phishing emails, your employees would get in a real-life scenario.



Artificial Intelligence Driven Agent simulates a multi-vector attack on an employee. AIDA uses artificial intelligence to dynamically create integrated campaigns that send emails, text and voice mail to an employee.


Security Awareness Reporting

Each month you will receive reports giving you insights into how prepared your organisation is for a social engineering attack, dark web exposure, progress on training and high risk users.

Emerging IT then use this information to provide targeted training to those high risk users.



Reporting That Makes a Difference

Organisation Scoring – giving you a measurable outcome on the effectiveness of the program through scoring.

User & Department Scoring – risk scoring data for individuals and departments.

Dark Web Data – monthly updated stats on client domain dark web exposure.

Phishing & Training – monthly reports on phishing and training campaign stats.



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