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What is Technicians on Demand?

Technicians on Demand is a service you can depend on when your organisation needs a short, medium, or long-term dedicated technical expert embedded within your business.

Available Australiawide, our Technicians On Demand service is the ideal choice for your company's technical staff augmentation. All of our resources remain under the Emerging IT banner guaranteeing a high level of service, attitude and aptitude.

Since 2001, our hiring team has curated a sophisticated method of highlighting great technical resources. We apply a three-layer vetting process for our candidates, asking all the appropriate questions to ensure that their skills are fit for purpose.

Over time we discovered that businesses were struggling to find the right people in tech, who would enhance their business while also fitting into their workplace culture.

We've seen this service utilised to execute and win tenders, fill in for leave requirements (including parental, maternity, paternity, annual leave), fleet management and large scale projects. We source technical specialists that empower businesses and enhance workplace culture.

There are both tangible and intangible benefits of Technicians On Demand, including saving on HR costs and the ability to scale up and down as your business needs fluctuate.

Why Your Organisation Needs Technicians On Demand

There is a shortage in Australia’s IT skills. Shared resourcing is an economical solution to the problem


Average cost to hire one employee

39.2 days

time typically taken to fill vacant roles


Employee turnover rate in Australia

47.6 Hours

The average amount of hours spent per year on training

Contracts with clarity

You tell us how long you need the resource (a day, a month, a year or indefinitely). We give you a set rate that includes all hiring, HR and internal training.


Great technicians with expert skills

Technical roles are high-pressure environments, so we have a stringent hiring process that includes technical testing, personality traits and autonomous working. Our hiring professionals ensure we hire great people.


Tech employee management is a thing of the past

Our leaders will manage and guide your resources to be the best they can be, leaving you to focus on running your business.


Right tools for the job

All of our technical resources are supplied with the tools they need to complete the job. They are all security checked (police and working with children), plus all their IT hardware is equipped with state-of-the-art enterprise security protection.



Our Technicians On Demand

All of our dedicated technical resources will be chosen based on your needs, desired outcomes and cultural fit.



Your Technicians On Demand Journey

Boot Camp

Boot Camp

Once we select your Technicians On Demand, they come into the Emerging IT office to be trained on our tools and to be introduced to our collaborative network of techs.

Technicians First Day

First Day

We recommend introducing them to some key contacts within your business. However, other than that (with some exceptions), your technician will get to work providing expert service.

Performance Management

Performance Management

We provide regular check-ins with both you and our technician to ensure high client satisfaction. This involves a check-in on the first day, week and month and then continued monthly.

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