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Emerging IT has been the leading provider of Managed Services since 2001. Our team realised that rather than simply fixing something once it breaks, we should prevent it from breaking in the first place. Prevention is always better than the cure. Therefore, our Managed Services model is based on improving uptime and reducing costs for our customers.


Not all Managed Services are created equal and not all Managed Service solutions have the same outcomes. Our state-of-the-art Managed Services are designed to reduce IT support costs and improve uptime for our customers, but it doesn't stop there.


Keeping pace with the rapid evolution of technology and exposure of new vulnerabilities is critical to our seamless service delivery.


Our proactive, Australian-based Network and Security Operations Centre leverage smart learning, data analytics and automation to deliver award-winning solutions, that help increase employee satisfaction.


Ask any of our customers and you'll see that 18 years of refinement is our clear difference.



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Why your organisation needs Managed Services

Why Choose Emerging IT Managed Services?

We fix issues fast

Our team works to eliminate issues before they impact your business. The ones that do arise are fixed quickly, ensuring that your business continues to operate.

We identify & develop

Our team identifies common issues that affect Australian and New Zealand businesses and develops tools that can automatically rectify those that do occur in real-time.

We have you covered

We can monitor over 10,000 different services, delivering complete protection to your business. If it’s important to you, it's important to us and we’ll find a way to monitor it.

We are certified experts

Our pursuit of knowledge and progress defines who we are. Your solution is customised to your business’ unique needs, enabling future growth and security.

We Are Here When You Need Us

Our Support teams are live from 7 am to 7 pm AEST every business day, with the option for 24-hour support and weekend support if needed. We tailor our support hours to your business' needs.

We get to know your business

We take the time to onboard new customers correctly from the start, ensuring a seamless transition to our services with little to no disruption.

Incremental Cost Structure

Our IT support is billed in 6-minute increments. This ensures that you only pay for the support you need instead of costly hourly or half-hourly blocks.

Allow Your Business To Focus

Our dedicated team do all the heavy lifting. Allowing your employees to focus on your core business offerings, not technology-related matters.

100% Australian Always

We are 100% Australian owned and operated. This means all of our phone, email and on-site support is equipped with specialist technicians right here in Melbourne and Sydney.

What Our Clients Say


Ferntree Gully Motor Group consolidates IT across five locations and cuts support costs by 50 per cent with Emerging IT.



Managed Services

No hidden costs, no long complicated contracts and no shortcuts mean that we deliver service that makes a difference to your business and its bottom line. 
Lanserve Base Melbourne and Sydney Managed Services


A base solution for organisations that want their computers and servers maintained remotely. Includes backup management, AV and bi-annual onsite visits.

Lanserve Essentials Melbourne and Sydney Managed Services

Lanserve Essentials

Our most popular package. Includes everything in LANserve base. Plus regular quarterly onsite visits to ensure all your equipment is physically checked, documented and maintained.

Lanserve Complete Melbourne and Sydney Managed Services


For businesses that want a fixed priced support option. This package includes everything in LANserve Essentials plus unlimited technical support during business hours.

Lanserve Self Managed Melbourne and Sydney Managed Services

Lanserve Self Managed

For organisations that lack experience in deploying and managing ITSM tools. LANserve Self Managed provides your team with the ability to use our pre-configured systems.

IT Support Options

Our Australian-based IT Support Desk can help businesses of all sizes with any and all IT support enquiries.




Remote support is fast and convenient when resolving most of your business’ complex problems, however sometimes an onsite visit is the only option



We’re there when you need us most. We have extended service desk hours from 7am to 7pm during your workweek and options for 24-hour support if needed. The best bit? We’ll only charge you for support when you need it


Reliable 24/7 IT SUPPORT

We don't like to wait, so neither should you. Our Australian-based certified technicians are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This ensures that your business can have access to expert support around the clock



We're so confident you'll appreciate our service that we've removed any and all obligations. If you love our service, we'd love you to stick around.

All of our packages include an Account Manager to help align your technology and business goals.

Managed Cloud

Managing your cloud can be complex. Fortunately, Emerging IT are Microsoft partners and cloud experts. We have options to suit all types of businesses, including public and private cloud and hybrid options.
Ask us how we can help you save money and best utilise your cloud subscriptions.


User Activity Management

It can be challenging to adapt to a remote workplace. Our User Activity Management software means that you have the ability to guide your employees in the right direction.


User Awareness Training 

Social engineering and phishing attacks appear in many forms. However, they ultimately have a similar goal to steal money or essential information about a person or company.

Our User Awareness Training empowers your employees through constant security awareness training, creating human firewalls and a proper defence against cybercrime.




Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery

Keeping your company's data safe and secure is critical for your business, your employees and your customers' data. Protecting your data from threats such as ransomware, malware or internal breaches is key to maintaining your business’ reputation and ensuring your survival.


100 Billion

Malicious spam emails sent every single day


The average cost of a cyber attack


Of all businesses have no current backup plan


Increased data loss since 2012


Managed Data & Network

To reduce the risk of a cyberattack, every organisation should have the appropriate network security systems in place.

Emerging IT has partnered with some of the world’s leading security vendors to deliver a managed security suite of products that provide enhanced protection and ongoing monitoring and alerting of your staff and environment.

You can pick and choose your Managed Products or create a bundle to enhance your overall IT security posture (include IT).



Managed Cyber Security Services

Our Managed Cyber Security Services are a great way to protect your business from today's sophisticated threats.  Our expert Australian team, located right here in Melbourne and Sydney are well versed in cyber security threats.
Emerging It has created many managed cyber security services that will help reduce risk and improve your security posture with the regular monitoring and protection of your IT systems and staff. We can provide anything from one-off assessments to ongoing preventative solutions.
Throughout the last 10 years cyber security threats have increased drastically. The statistics below outline the threats today's businesses are exposed to whether they're small, medium, large or enterprise-sized organisations.

$300 million

Estimated annual losses to cybercrime

1 in 5

1 in 5 SMBs did not know the term “phishing"


Users who use the same password for all accounts

144 Reports

of cybercrime received by the ACSC per day

We have managed cyber security options to suit any business. See our packages below for more information:



Vulnerability Management Service

Vulnerability Management Service (VMS) is our latest cyber security Managed service. Our all Australian cyber security team, guided by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), deliver you a state-of-the-art vulnerability service that prepares you for current and next-generation cyber threats alike.

VMS helps protect your organisation against all the known and new vulnerabilities within your hardware, software and network systems. Our monthly service ensures your environment meets compliance and protects your data against cyber threats.


Vulnerability detection Managed Services

Vulnerability detection

As a baseline, we use state-of-the-art tools to perform a scan of your entire network. Our dedicated device scans your network looking for known vulnerabilities that affect the software and hardware assets.

Software Vulnerability Managed Services

Software Vulnerability

Our security specialists search for vulnerabilities affecting your third-party applications. Once classified and approved our Cyber experts create a remediation project with priorities.

Hardware Vulnerability Managed Services

Hardware Vulnerability

Our dedicated device leaves no stone unturned, detecting vulnerabilities deep inside the hardware of computers and servers. We check in BIOS, iLo, Drivers and other Vendor hardware.

Cloud Assessment & Monitoring Managed Services

Cloud Assessment & Monitoring

Cybercriminals love misconfigured environments and our team know just what they are looking for. We analyse your cloud environment for potential vulnerabilities in configurations and as the systems are spun up.

Configuration Exposures

Configuration Exposures

Our team exposes potential misconfigurations in your internal infrastructure. We uncover vulnerabilities like obsolete networking protocols, insecure services, and default credentials. Giving peace of mind to your business.

Remote Worker agents

Remote Worker agents

Just like Cybercriminals target employees both in and out of the office, our solution extends our reach to remote devices meaning we can understand all of your business vulnerabilities to protect your business.

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning

Using best of breed technology our cyber experts identify your high-risk exposures that could pose a threat for unauthorised access. We monitor external gateways for threats like open ports, services and newly identified vulnerabilities.

Attack surface Monitoring

Attack surface Monitoring

Your external assets aren't always protected. Today's modern office is home to lots of different services such as Exchange, database servers and Web Servers. VMS means that we assess and monitor external-facing assets running services.

Baseline assessment report
  • An executive summary highlighting the overall risk to the corporate network summarises the most critical vulnerabilities and the potential impact on the business if they remain unresolved.
  • A summary report of high, medium and low vulnerabilities, the assets they effect and their potential impact on the business if they remain unresolved.
  • A detailed technical report of all identified high, medium and low vulnerabilities, the assets they effect and how to remediate the identified vulnerabilities.
Daily Critical Vulnerability Checks
  • Daily monitoring for critical vulnerabilities identified on servers, allowing for rapid response to threats.
Monthly Assessments
  • Perform a new vulnerability scan of the entire network using our intelligent scanner.
Monthly Assessments Reports
  • Provide a change report that identifies previous vulnerabilities remediated.
  • Current vulnerabilities to still be remediated.
  • Newly-identified vulnerabilities
  • Provide recommendations and priority to vulnerabilities to remediate.
Risk Prioritisation & Scoring.
  • All vulnerabilities are assessed and prioritised based on exposure; the level of exposure is reported via a scoring mechanism that is easy to understand and view.


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