Manufacturing company improves systems up-time dramatically.


Kelp Industries reduces costly downtime incidents for close to 100% up-time with LANserve™ managed services.

Kelp Industries runs a manufacturing business from remote King Island in Tasmania. Being so isolated, it’s always had trouble getting quality IT support, which was affecting operational efficiency.

General Manager, John Hiscock realised this was a major distraction to the running of the business: “Our IT systems and office network has grown unstable. Without available support, office staff had to put out IT fires and keep our infrastructure limping along. There was no strategic plan, we just reacted to issues and patched them, without ever getting to the root of problems.”

Challenge: improve IT support and upgrade network infrastructure for stable operations.

  • reduce the frequency of issues and the high cost of emergency repairs.
  • increase uptime and remove interruptions to sales and business flow.

Solution: implement a monitoring and maintenance care plan, plan for the future. 

  • proactive management of the entire network with servers and desktops repaired remotely from a Network Operations Centre in Melbourne.
  • on-demand access to expert help with qualified support engineers available up to level 4 technical support via a remote help desk service.
  • upgrade the entire network including servers, switches, router, UPS
  • Secure existing wireless system.
  • Plan IT upgrades and modifications strategically to meet the on-going needs of the business.

Results: continuous, reliable IT and greater customer satisfaction

“We are no longer continually sidetracked by I.T. systems and can now get on with concentrating on what we do best,” said Mr Hiscock.

  • Lower total cost of ownership for IT hardware and operating systems thanks to buying power of Emerging IT.
  • Significantly reduced running costs due to fewer issues few better IT management and support.
  • Controlled, consistent IT overheads for more accurate budgeting.
  • Improved business functionality and customer satisfaction via up-to-date network and IT systems.
  • Effectively connect King Island to the mainland in terms of Lanserve’s remote IT Support & Maintenance.

"We are no longer continually sidetracked by I.T. systems and can now get on with concentrating on what we do best. We now also have a road map for our IT with upgrades and modifications strategically mapped out to meet the on-going needs of the business."
John Hiscock, General Manager
Kelp Industries