Melbourne company relocates IT system into a new office location.


Melbourne Importer relocates entire IT system into a new office location with no downtime, damaged equipment or loss of data.

During mid-2016, Tool Technic, an importer and distributor of premium power tools across Australia, found themselves needing a larger office & warehouse after many years of success and growth. Their server and network infrastructure had grown with them in physical size and complexity and had become quite intricate.

Challenge: Dismantle & re-assemble IT without damaging equipment, losing important data and maintain critical services for clients during the transition.


While commissioning a brand new building they found a difficult challenge; how to move their IT hardware to the new location with minimum downtime, no loss of critical data or damage to existing hardware. This was also an opportunity to re-organise how their server network was setup, and to improve internal wireless deployment within their warehouse, which was suffering from communication dropouts due to poorly placed network points.

As their IT provider, Emerging IT was brought in to not only organise deconstruction and reconstruction of the critical hardware but also to advise on how their IT systems could be improved to end communication dropouts within the warehouse.


To begin, Emerging IT liaised with the contractors and electricians setting up the buildings networking for wireless access points and network access points in the new warehouse. Ensuring that these were all placed strategically throughout the building to be within range of each other, to end communication dropouts. Further advice was needed in setting up the server rooms, in terms of the best location, the optimum temperature control and the security that was needed.

In organising the move, a temporary service was setup at a smaller off-site location to ensure that throughout the entire migration process there would be no interruption to any online properties the company provided to their clients.


After months of preparation the moving process was executed and completed over a 72 hour period, from Friday afternoon to Monday morning. Emerging IT technicians worked across the weekend with Tool Technic’s team to have their hardware safely dismantled and reassembled at the new site. By Sunday evening the majority of the work had been completed and by Monday morning Tool Technic was working productively at their new location. The move was completed with; 

  • No damage to any hardware.
  • No loss of data.
  • All deadlines were completed within the necessary timeframes.
  • Tool Technic has seen an improvement in their internal communication systems for their team which has boosted their in-house efficiencies.
  • Tool Technic no longer have any issues with internal communications and their IT works just as efficiently as it did before the relocation.

“I was particularly impressed with the flexibility the team responded with, when unforeseeable issues came up and documentation required from the Electrician was incomplete. In the end, they got the job done on time and within budget. Well done E-IT!”
Holger Schulz
Managing Partner of Tool Technic