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3 Questions an IT Audit can Answer


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3 Questions an IT Audit can Answer

IT Audit

1. I need a second opinion on my IT. Is it updated, Secure and efficient?

Knowing that your IT is up-to-date, secure and working at its best is something an Audit can quickly and easily uncover. There are some common symptoms that an Audit is necessary, such as IT infrastructure which is not working correctly or which occasionally malfunctions or which even has re-occurring faults. However quite often these symptoms are regarded by the organisation as a standard and tolerable problem which comes with all operating systems.  

However, more often than not small problems, hiccups and glitches are due to software which hasn’t been updated, is incorrectly configured or is conflicting with other installed software.  

An IT Audit can quickly and easily scan installed software, finding what requires updates, what is installed incorrectly, where there are conflicts and most importantly what out of all of these is causing the problems and issues the organisation is receiving.

The end result is the organisation knowing the level of software security, how updated it is and whether it’s as efficient as it could be

2. My It could be improved I’m just unsure how?

As well as ensuring your existing IT is updated, secure and efficient an IT Audit can look at additional ways an organisations IT can be improved upon and made additionally efficient for an organisation. Part of any decent IT audit is looking into how the organisations processes, procedures, and workflow is organised and whether the IT setup compliments this workflow or obstructs it.

Additionally, many organisations stay unaware of innovations in the software market which can aid their organisations workflow and procedures. Without doing a large amount of research into the various software options and then more research in how to safely configure and install the software without losing any data or records.

IT Audits have the advantage of engaging the knowledge of an MSP who can offer advice on ways organisations can further benefit themselves through new software, hardware, and general IT-setup.

3. Our IT is costing a fortune, how can we reduce it?

IT can be expensive, and often it becomes more expensive as maintenance and security issues come into play. Most organisations to gradually update their IT over time, adding bits and pieces as small issues or additional needs pop up.

As more smaller components are added to cover one-off problems, the system becomes expensive and inefficient. This is when it is time for a ‘knock-down and rebuild’ type overhaul of the IT, to both reduce costs and the amount of IT infrastructure.

Organisations that have been around for a while often add too much or add inefficiently to their IT, such as;

  • Paying for multiple programs all which do the same thing repetitively and costing the organisation with no additional benefit.
  • Paying for programs no longer used at all or for far more expensive versions of IT than what is needed.  
  • Having far too much IT infrastructure than what is needed.

It Audits can assess the organisations structure, size, need and usage of their current IT setup of both hardware and software, and usually greatly reduce the amount of maintenance expense while at the same time making the organisation more efficient.


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