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Reduce Eye Strain and Prevent Screen Fatigue


Chris Ball

Tech writer, Emerging IT

Handy Tech Tips

Most of us spend too long staring at a screen each day. Mainly because TV's, smartphones and PC’s are now an essential part of modern life. Here are some useful ways to combat screen fatigue. 

  • Change the light on your screen to sleep better at night 
    Research shows the blue light from your monitor can interrupt sleep patterns. G.lux is a Chrome browser extension that reduces blue glow from your screen display to help you sleep better. You can regulate to produce a light that is  warmer at night, and more like sunlight during the day. It's particularly useful if you're up late working at night.

  • Rest your eyes regularly to reduce eye-strain  
    eyeCare is a vision protection extension that notifies you intermittently when it's time to stop staring at your computer or smartphone screen - so you can rest your eyes. It’s available for Chrome Browsers.

  • Ration time spent on leisure and entertainment websites
    If you’re the type of person who can spend hours on Buzzfeed or scrolling Facebook, you can reduce time wasted on these sites with StayFocusd Chrome Extension. You can also measure time spent browsing entertainment sites with an extension called TaskTimer.

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