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Five Simple Ways to Improve Password Protection


Chris Ball

Tech writer, Emerging IT

Handy Tech Tips

For anyone working in IT, it’s a constant challenge to always be keeping the customer’s IT networks safe and secure.

One of the easiest ways you can help us protect you better, is by protecting your own passwords and personal information properly.

Don’t give out passwords to others

Be sceptical of anyone who asks for your password. Why do they need it? How will they use it? Wherever possible, get them to use their own password.

Vary passwords between accounts

It can be tough remembering multiple passwords. But if you don’t, a single breach has the potential to compromise multiple accounts.

Change passwords regularly

It’s best practice to change passwords on a regular basis – say every quarter. If you find it hard remembering new passwords, try creating a variation on your previous password.

Security through obscurity

When creating passwords, use alpha numeric. Avoid common phrases. Keep in mind, the harder your password is to guess, the harder it is to steal. Use more than eight characters and include changing letters to numbers and symbols.

Use a 'passphrase' instead of a 'password'

Use a combination of words that are easy to remember. Mix numbers and special characters into your passphrase.

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