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Two-factor authentication for extra security online


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Two-factor authentication (known as multi-factor authentication) provides an extra layer of protection in the log-on process.  

It combines 'something you know' (a password) with 'something you have' to allow access. If either one fails, access is denied. Even if someone discovers your password, they still can't access or log on to your account without the second method of authentication.

The "something you have" can be:

  • App on your mobile phone
  • Code sent to your mobile phone (SMS)
  • USB token such as YubiKey

Most online services such as Office 365, Gmail and Facebook support two-factor authentication - which can be very effective for protecting your identity when online.

Business-grade two-factor authentication

Authentication systems such as AuthAnvil can be used to secure business cloud applications more effectively - across multiple users. If you require more information, please speak to your Emerging IT Account Manager - 1300 133 966.

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