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We’re always looking at ways to attract the right people to Emerging IT. The consistent feedback we get from everyone is that they love the people they work with. We look for people that want to join because of our people, not just because of what we do.

We treat everyone like they a part of the family. We know that by serving them, being generous and also knowing how to have fun that we can build a great team in a great environment. The strong sense of family within our company means that you will have friendships for life.



Our Pillars

When you meet us, you'll find a company passionate about customers, culture and it's employees.

Here are the four pillars we stand by



We’re driven by communication, co-creation and inclusiveness. Being open and transparent means delivering efficiency, flexibility, freedom and security.



We are defined by our pursuit of knowledge and progress, forever cultivating wisdom through experience, shared ideas and fresh perspective.



Meaningful problem-solving means ensuring the user and human-perspective is at the core of everything we do.



Growth and change is at the heart of what we deliver. This means listening to and understanding our client’s business, their pain points and vision to create a newer, better and safer environment to thrive.

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EIT Anywhere

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Career Progression

We help our people on their journey to become whom they're meant to be. We have a number of different disciplines that they can pursue, including Account Management, Cybersecurity, Technical Specialisations, Consulting, Solutions Design or leadership.
Most people have multiple disciplines so they can provide amazing insight into the problems and needs they face.
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