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3 Windows Productivity Features That Save You Time


Chris Ball

Tech writer, Emerging IT

Handy Tech Tips

Following are three cool productivity hacks for Windows you can use to make life a little easier. 

  • Locate the program you need faster with ‘Shake and Shrink’

    If you dislike flicking between multiple open windows, you’ll love shake and shrink.
    Simply click on and hold the title bar of a program and give a little shake of your mouse. All other windows will minimise while the one you want will remain in the foreground.
  • Pin the programs you use most to your taskbar

    This is simple but handy to know. The taskbar sits at the bottom of your screen, to the right of the Start Menu. You can pin commonly used programs to it, then launch them easily when needed. To do this, when the program is open, simply right click on the logo in the taskbar, and choose “Pin to Taskbar.”
  • Navigate programs on your taskbar with only your keyboard (Windows+T)

    Now your taskbar is customised, you can use your keyboard to find the programs you want easily. Simply hold down the Windows button on your keyboard and press 'T'. This takes you through all open and unopened programs on the taskbar. When the program you want is highlighted, simply press enter to open or display it.

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