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Bluetooth Airborne Security Loophole


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Airborne Bluetooth Security Loophole 

15 September 2017

This is an update regarding the recently hyped "BlueBorne" Security Flaw. Just to be clear, this is not a virus. This is a security loophole in some software which could be breached by a virus using bluetooth to infiltrate a mobile device. However at this time no such virus is actively doing this.

The international community is already aware of the loophole and has been for some time. The major vendors (Apple, Microsoft, Google etc) are working to ensure this loophole is patched up from any potential attack. Currently there is no known cases of infections, anywhere.

Our technicians are also currently working on security to ensure there are no risks. As of right now there is no evidence of any vulnerabilities. However as a precaution it is advisable that, you ensure your mobile devices are up-to-date with software upgrades. As well as having Bluetooth switched off on mobiles, laptops and tablets until we have confirmed this.

We expect to have this confirmation by mid next-week.

For more information on this virus please see the below;


To double check your phones security please see below;


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