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Downloading Movies Can Disrupt Your Business


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Downloading movies at work can result in your Internet service being disconnected.

We are aware of copyright infringement notices being sent out from ISPs with a warning to stop sharing movies or the service will be terminated for breaching their terms and conditions. The most common way to download movies is via Bit Torrent software, however this also allows any movies on your PC to be shared back out to the Internet. This is where the trouble can begin, as distributing movies is the actual crime. From what we can gather, Bit Torrent honeypots are recording the IP addresses of who they are downloading from, which is enough to trace back to the ISP.

How you can protect your business:

  • Speak to your staff about the seriousness of the issue and risk to the business.
  • Create an acceptable use policy document for email and Internet use. Templates can be found online.
  • LANserve clients can request a "Torrent Software" report which will list any PC's with Bit Torrent software installed.


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