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Microsoft Office 2007 has reached end of extended support


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Microsoft's announcement that MS Office 2007 will no longer be covered by extended support means that now is the time to look at upgrading to a later release.

If you're someone who stills runs MS Office 2007 and you've loved it so much that you've resisted the switch to a later version, we may have some sad news for you. The version of MS Office you or your colleagues may be using is sadly no longer supported by Microsoft. 

Before you panic, let us explain exactly what this means;

All applications require 'patching' which is simply the manual process of applying an updated version of your software package. The reason 'patches' (or updates) are applied to applications is that potential security holes can appear in software over time. As applications age, hackers gradually learn how to exploit them. To combat this, application developers release 'patches' or updates which cover any potential security loopholes that might appear. This keeps your software up-to-date and, more importantly, secure.

Microsoft's announcement that they're ending support and the release of new security patches for MS Office 2007 (now 10+ years old) means that security holes will gradually start to appear in the software over time which won't be patched over.

While this doesn't represent an active threat, it does make organisations using the software more vulnerable to a potential attack over time. The solution (unfortunately for those who love MS Office 2007) is to upgrade to a newer version of MS Office. We recommend upgrading to either MS Office 2013 or Office 2016. While this is not something you must do, as your trusted MSP, it is something we highly recommended in order to provide yet another layer of security for your business.

For any questions you might have regarding MS Office upgrades, please contact us on 1300 133 966 and ask for your Account Manager to discuss further.


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