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Trends of the Most Innovative Cyber Criminals


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Ransomware, like any industry has many different players and competitors all trying to innovate their products and services.

August 30 2017

So how exactly do Ransomware attackers innovate their practices and what are some of these most recent innovations?

You might be thinking of some kind of cryptic spyware gibberish, most people won’t understand, but actually the number one innovative practice by Hackers is good Customer Service.  

You read that correctly. The most innovative hacker groups are now outsourcing Customer Service agencies who give phone support to their victims in paying off the Ransomware. Not quite what you expected? As interesting as it is, it’s true, which might make a bit of an awkward phone call.

server security

What about the second most innovative practice? Would this be a new kind of AI Spyware capable of crashing the World Wide Web and bringing the Free World to its knees? Nope, it’s payment systems. Programs commonly used for online shopping and purchases, which allow people to once again more easily pay the ransom.

Innovative Hackers at some point figured out it was in their interest to make it as easy as possible for their victims to pay them. Mush like the first innovation (customer service) adding additional payment options is an additional area of good customer service.

Both of these practices point out an interesting trend, that hacker groups are operating more and more like professional businesses. These innovations come from questions any business would ask themselves, such as;

How can we make payment as easy as possible for our customers (victims in this case)?

Secure servers

The third and final innovation by Hackers is their movement into using Bitcoin, gift cards and other currency systems with no national affiliation. By being paid in a commodity-based currency, they are better to avoid being detected or tracked to their country of origin and can later cash in for whatever national currency they desire.   

So what do we do about this?

The good news is that (for the moment) hackers still don’t quite have the technical capability to pose a large-scale threat. Although they are continually innovating, so too are the authorities in developing defenses against hackers and their attacks.

We’ll touch on the best practices and defenses in our next post. But for now enjoy the notion that if Hackers ever steal from you, they’ll at least have decent Customer Service to answer your questions with a short waiting time.

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