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Traditionally IT security was managed with web and email defence, to fend off pesky spam emails and the few malicious attacks per year. But with the rise of crypto-currencies, the development of Dark Web marketplaces and continued online connectivity has come a new kind of business risk. 

These factors have birthed a criminal industry of malware developers selling to criminal syndicalists and hackers all conversing online anonymously to attack and steal from vulnerable business targets. 

The creation of these online criminal industries has spurred governments around the world to legislate, making organisations liable for their own security and handing out large fines to those who don't correctly respond to malware attacks.

These changes to the legal and technological environment have rendered traditional managed services inadequate to provide complete protection. Pushing for the creation of Security as a Service (SECaaS). 

Understand Your Security Posture

Your security posture is 'the status of an enterprise's networks, information, and systems based on information assurance (IA) resources (e.g., people, hardware, software, policies) and capabilities in place to manage the defense of the enterprise and to react as the situation changes'[1]. Understanding the status of your security posture is the first step we provide in protecting your business. 

Assessing your security posture 

Our consultants assess your security posture to find any areas of weakness, to see where a potential cyber-attack could come from. This is done through a number of different scans, assessments and reports all based on the above factors. 

Being Prepared for the attack

Knowing how to respond to a cyber attack or a data breach are now crucial elements which can mean the difference between your business continuing or closing doors permanently. Once we assess your security posture we draft the right solutions your business needs to cover any security liabilities and successfully counter any cyber-attack. 

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Understand Your Security Risks

Understand the legal and IT Environment you operate in, including the threats, dangers and required levels of compliance.

Be Prepared for the Attack

Know your current position, the existing vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and what needs to be done for protection and compliance.

Leave Nothing to Chance

Receive ongoing business protection and compliance management. To be fully compliant and stay safe from malware.

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