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Email Defence

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Email Defence

LANserve™ Email Defence uses state-of-the-art email protection and artificial intelligence to anticipate new and emerging threats, and quarantine harmful emails in the cloud before they reach your mailbox.

Taken as a standalone service or as part of a Business Essentials care plan, Email Defence System is a universal fully managed solution that can protect any email system, even hosted solutions such as Gmail and Office 365.

  • Spam blocking with one-click release from quarantine
  • Virus and worm scanning
  • Content and attachment filtering
  • Outbound message filtering
  • Group based management via policies
  • Message encryption using Transport Layer Security
  • Message continuity option

How Email Defence Works

All Users or a nominated admin will receive a Daily Spam Digest at 9:00am & 1:00pm.

Emails incorrectly interpreted as spam can be released onto a whitelist – but will only be whitelisted per email user (not for the whole company). Company-wide whitelists can be created by sending the desired email addresses to Emerging IT to add. 

Outgoing Emails;
  • All Out-bound emails containing viruses are quarantined.
  • All Out-bound emails with potentially dangerous Script File Attachments are quarantined.
  • All Out-bound spam is quarantined.
  • All Outbound macros, word or excel documents are allowed to send unimpeded.
Incoming Emails;
  • All In-bound emails containing viruses are deleted.
  • All In-bound & Out-bound emails with executable attachments are quarantined
  • All In-bound emails with word or excel attachments are Quarantined.

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Catch Threats Early

Block malicious content emails and time wasting spam to protect from threats and data loss.

Complete Transparancy

Get daily updates to specified users on every potential email attack & where it originated.

Spam Filtering

Minimise spam and malware & reduce bandwidth wasted on processing spam emails.

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