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Business Maintenance

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Business Maintenance

Regular and scheduled maintenance is paramount in keeping IT systems healthy, continuous and secure. Emerging IT’s LANserve™ Maintenance Service allow Emerging IT to pick up on any hardware or software components which could cause IT problems in the future. To maintain optimal service delivery, Emerging IT reviews and reports on all aspects of your infrastructure each and every month.

  • Servers, workstations, mobile devices and unified threat management devices such as firewalls, routers and switches are all maintained & reviewed.
  • Additional/custom equipment can also be maintained and reported on.
  • Receive both monthly and quarterly onsite maintenance on all required IT infrastructure to know the health of your IT infrastructure.

Remote Maintenance

Remote Maintenance is a monthly activity carried out by an IT technician who proactively detects and address issues. Ensuring all links, servers & storage devices are working as expected without any problems. Emerging IT technicians perform these checks over the course of each week.

Quarterly Maintenance

Quarterly maintenance requires a site visit by an IT engineer. The engineer checks any of the following which applies to the client;


Audit Maintenance

Applications Audit

Ensuring that all applications critical to the business are backed up and are functioning without any problems.

Virtual Servers Audit

Verifies that all covered virtual servers are performing as expected with all systems, alarms & snapshots as required.

Physical Servers Audit

Verifies that all covered physical servers are performing as expected.

Host Inspection

Ensures the virtual host is running with all systems, alarms & snapshots as required.

Environment Check

Ensures the area is properly ventilated, clean & adequate for server operations.

IT Maintenance Support

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